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Ownership and rentals

Lots for rent

Rent a lot at Aztec RV Resort, a luxurious class A RV Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For reservation or information, please E-mail us at or call at (954) 975-6411 / 1(888) 493-2856

Thank You and Have a Great Day!


Lots for rent

Do you want to live the Aztec RV Resort’s experience?

You would like to stay in the only class A, RV Resort reserved for Class A motor coaches in South Florida.

The deposit is  $1000 on an annual lot.

Give us a call and reserve your lot!

For more information as regards to the available lots for rent, please contact us!

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Our type of lots : With Tiki and With no Tiki

Reservation policies


Terms and conditions:

Before you arrive at Aztec RV Resort, read carefully the rules and conditions when you buy or rent a lot. These rules were designed in order to offer everyone a memorable stay of high quality. It is, therefore, important to be aware of these rules.

Have a look at the rules and regulations of the park.

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Lots for rent | Aztec RV Resort